Friday, August 9, 2013

The importance of ...

Crazy busy week at work ... but I plan on getting caught up with all of your blogs next week. Just didn't want you think that I have forgotten about you.

And so, here is a little something to make you smile and/or shake your head: 


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

So close and we never realized it

It is nearly 3 o clock on Tuesday afternoon and I still haven’t gotten around to blogging about our weekend. Not that it was all that exciting but I took the kids swimming on Saturday and they had a great time.

Turns out we have this massive park right on our doorstep (+/- 4 km or 2 ½ miles away from our house).I don’t know how we have spent the past 6 years living so close to it without knowing about its existence. I mean, we have driven past it a million times but we never realized what it was.

There is:
¬                    a castle, complete with ‘moat’ that you can row on
¬                    a mini train that does a trip around the park
¬                    mini golf
¬                    play areas (separate areas for little kids and big kids)
¬                    swimming pool with water slides (plus beach volleyball court)
¬                    petting zoo area
¬                    sports area (tennis court, athletics track, football pitch)
¬                    loads and loads of picnic space
¬                    not to mention that it is really pretty

We didn’t even see ½ of it cause obviously the kids made a bee line for the swimming area.

We did pass the deer on the way there and Tiger just about fell in love with them. Shame, my poor kid was born in South Africa and he has never seen animals in the wild.

I could not get the kids out of the pool. They were in there swimming and playing until closing time.  I had a really relaxing time people watching and reading (it was not nearly hot enough for me to go swimming).

I have a feeling that, weather permitting, we’ll be going back there quite often when I’m off work for my summer vacation.