Monday, February 9, 2015

The Grammys - my 2 cents

So, I’m no fashion expert and don’t even claim to know anything about fashion but I thought I would give you my 2 cents worth anyway ….

Lady Gaga – I thought she looked quite incredible.
Rita Ora -  Even though I would never wear this dress I liked it

Gwen Stefani – I love her style!
Miley Cyrus -  Miley showed lots of skin while still covering up a lot, I liked this dress on her
Meghan Trainor  & Jessie J both did the lace over dresses and I thought they both looked lovely
Anna Kendrick –  looked hot! 

Taylor Swift  - Love the colour of this dress!
Katharine Mcphee – I’m not crazy about the colour, but I love the dress
Bonie McKee – yes! Especially the colour!

There were quite a few looks that I didn't love but these 3 (Madonna / Joy Villa /  Carli XCX) just made me go WTF?

I like that fact that Helen Lasichanh doesn’t ever wear what is expected of her but this is not a great look
Zendaya – the back of this dress just ruins the whole look
Rihanna -  I think that Rihanna looks at lot better when she shows off her amazing body, this dress reminds of those toilet paper dolls that you used to get on top of your grandmothers toilet in the eighties
Sia – it’s just the wig, the outfit isn’t bad but that wig, yeah I’m don’t know about that

ps. photo credit to various websites