Monday, December 15, 2014

Did you know?

The kids and I are planning on watching tons of Christmas movies next week when we are on vacation.

So, seeing as we are coming up with our list of must see Christmas movies I was wondering if you knew the answer to these questions:

Do you know which actor appeared in both ‘A Christmas Story’ and ‘Elf’?

Peter Billingsley

Despite now directing and producing movies more than act in them Peter Billingsley likes to go back and take on small acting roles from time to time.

In ‘Elf’ he was one of the elves in Santa’s shop.

Did you what color the original Grinch was?

Black and white, with shades of red, which is how Dr. Seuss created him.

But, according to legend, Chuck Jones who directed the Grinch movie wanted him to be green just like all the ugly rental cars driving around in the Washington-Baltimore area.

Did you know that Jack Skellington makes a ‘hidden’ appearance in at least 4 other movies?

-        - Beetlejuice (on the top of the carnival hat that Beetlejuice wears)
-        -  The Princess and the Frog (as one of the Shadow Demons summoned by Dr. Facilier)
-        -  Alice in Wonderland (as the design in the Mad Hatters Bow and Tie)
-        -  Coraline (his head appears in the egg yolk)

Did you know that Hugh Grant really did not want to do ‘that dance scene’ in Love Actually?

According to the director Richard Curtis he was really grumpy about doing it, saying that it wasn’t very ministerial. They only shot that scene on the final day.

I’m so glad they added it, cause I just love it.

Do you watch re-watch Christmas movies?

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

DYI - How to get what you want for Christmas

I know, I know, who on earth can remember when last I actually blogged. Never mind that! It is December 2, which means that Christmas is only 23 days away … because I start celebrating Christmas on the 24th

Christmas eve, duh!

I haven’t put up our decorations yet, Sinterklaas must first stop by house (the night of the 5th of December), then we can put up the Christmas decorations.

But all of this doesn’t mean that I’m not in the Christmas mood yet. I’ve already started asking the kids what it is that they would like this year.

Cat would like a MacBook Air or an Ipod 5 (yeah I know, cheap requests) and Tiger has asked for a tv or a hanging chair from Ikea with a couple of PS3 games. Sadly for them I had to tell them that Santa is not quite rich enough for their tastes this year.

Why is it that some people as so hard to buy for? I have a two friends who are really hard to shop for. The one even more so than the other. And to top it, she also has her birthday in December! She is also a good gift giver or maybe I’m just good at leaving hints.

Do you find it easy to buy gifts for your friends? Do they or you leave hints around?