Tuesday, December 2, 2014

DYI - How to get what you want for Christmas

I know, I know, who on earth can remember when last I actually blogged. Never mind that! It is December 2, which means that Christmas is only 23 days away … because I start celebrating Christmas on the 24th

Christmas eve, duh!

I haven’t put up our decorations yet, Sinterklaas must first stop by house (the night of the 5th of December), then we can put up the Christmas decorations.

But all of this doesn’t mean that I’m not in the Christmas mood yet. I’ve already started asking the kids what it is that they would like this year.

Cat would like a MacBook Air or an Ipod 5 (yeah I know, cheap requests) and Tiger has asked for a tv or a hanging chair from Ikea with a couple of PS3 games. Sadly for them I had to tell them that Santa is not quite rich enough for their tastes this year.

Why is it that some people as so hard to buy for? I have a two friends who are really hard to shop for. The one even more so than the other. And to top it, she also has her birthday in December! She is also a good gift giver or maybe I’m just good at leaving hints.

Do you find it easy to buy gifts for your friends? Do they or you leave hints around?


  1. For people who are hard to shop for, I tend to go for silly type gifts. If they have a sense of humor, get them the Go The F*ck To Sleep book. It would make more sense if they had kids though.

  2. Buying gifts for friends is always so hard for me! Luckily, a few years ago we stopped gift-giving for the most part in lieu of just getting together for drinks and dinner, or something similar. That took a load of stress off me!

    BTW - I want a hanging chair from IKEA, too! :)

  3. We haven't really decorated besides a mini tree in the playroom. Hopefully we'll get to it this weekend. I'm struggling with some gifts for friends too and finally just went with a gift card for one of them. A friend has been complaining that she needs new clothes, so I figure it's not that bad. I usually prefer to give things that are more personal, but oh well. I think I'm pretty good at dropping hints too. Haha!