100 Useless Facts about me

So just in case you wanted to know more about me:

1.                 I was born in a town called Welkom (means welcome), the same town where my mother was born & got married in but neither of us have ever lived there.
2.                 I have 1 biological brother & 4 unofficially adopted siblings (2 brothers & 2 sisters)
3.                 I’m scared of moths – it’s better now but I really don’t like them
4.                 I love all things vanilla
5.                 I love chick flicks!
6.                 I have fat knees – really if I had the money I would have lipo on my knees
7.                 I speak 2 languages fluently (English & Afrikaans) and 2 others not so fluently (French & Dutch).
8.                 I love decorating birthday cakes
9.                 I’ve been both a SAHM & a working mom
10.             I’m a cat person – even though we own 3 dogs (I got out-voted by the rest of the family)
11.             I worked as an au pair for 5 months in Germany
12.             I still understand a bit of German
13.             I once took part in a 21 km race, hurt my knee, came 2nd last – but I finished the race which is the most important bit
14.             I’m ambidextrous except for writing
15.             I have 2 holes in my heart
16.             I never had a single filling until after Cat was born, then I had to have a root canal
17.             I still only have that 1 ‘bad tooth’, no other fillings
18.             I still fit into my primary school dress which I wore when I was 12
19.             I’m 5’2’’ or 1.58 cm – and told I’m short all the time – WHY?
20.             I change my hair colour all the time
21.             I HATE people who litter
22.             I’m not allergic to anything (that I know of)
23.             I’ve lived in 12 towns/cities in my life
24.             I’ve immigrated 3 times : from South Africa to Belgium back to SA & then back to Belgium
25.             I drive stick shift – I don’t like automatic cars much
26.             I love Coke light
27.             I read whenever I can / often whatever I can
28.             I love the beach
29.             I don’t like swimming in pool unless its really hot
30.             I have always wanted to live in NYC
31.             Himself & I knew about each other for 3 years before we ever met -> we were 13 when we met.
32.             I didn’t like him much when we met (how things changed!)
33.             I have stayed or visited 14 different countries
34.             I love biscuits!
35.             I think kiwi fruits are sexy
36.             I spent 5 years in boarding school
37.             I’m a (sort of) reformed tom boy
38.             I drink too much coffee
39.             I’ve had general anaesthetics 8 times in my life
40.             I had my appendix removed on April Fool’s day
41.             I love entertaining at home
42.             I never had a birthday party as a child
43.             I love Christmas! But, always feel that I still haven’t managed to do it just right!
44.             I would really like to ski-dive
45.             I’m claustrophobic
46.             I once had a panic attach in the office (very embarrassing)
47.             I love the ideas/stories behind peoples tattoos
48.             I don’t have any tattoos
49.             I can drive both left hand & right hand drive cars
50.             When I was little I wanted to be a teacher
51.             I was the girls sports captain of my high school 3 years running
52.             I grew-up vegetarian
53.             I love a good piece of steak
54.             I love shoes
55.             I can’t spell very well and would be lost without spell check
56.             I love watching law shows on tv
57.             When I eat M&M’s I like to eat them by colour
58.             I like motorbikes, and can ride them (even if I haven’t done it in years)
59.             I would love to live in a very tidy/clean house (not happening with my family)
60.             I don’t like artichokes
61.             I love peanut butter and syrup sandwiches
62.             I was part of the drama club in high school – my biggest role was that of Hero – Much ado about nothing
63.             I love snorkelling – whish I could do it more often
64.             I’ve always wished that I could sing really well
65.             My favourite sport to watch is Rugby
66.             My husband thinks I’m boring – he doesn’t mind though
67.             I have 2 kids
68.             I don’t like pretentious people
69.             I love reading gossip rags
70.             I started wearing braces on my teeth a year ago, to correct my jaw alignment
71.             I really don’t like it when anyone touches my nose
72.             I think Dwayne Johnson is drop dead sexy
73.             I have duel citizenship 1.) South African & 2.) Belgian
74.             I’m a really bad sleeper
75.             I wish I had the time & money to employ a personal trainer 5 days a week
76.             I’m a people pleaser
77.             I’m not really superstitious but I never walk under ladders and always touch wood – just to be on the safe side
78.             I can sew, I just don’t do it very often since I’d rather let my mom do it
79.             I can’t knit
80.             I did 5 years of technical drawings in high school – I was the only girl in the class
81.             I put gas in my car for the 1st time after driving for 15 years – I grew up in South Africa where there are petrol attendants who do this for you
82.             I can change a car tyre
83.             Can lay tiles
84.             I was part of a religious touring drama group after I left school
85.             I believe in God
86.             My dad once drove over my ankles with his car (by accident)
87.             My mom once burned me with an iron (also by accident)
88.             I watch too much tv
89.             I recycle
90.             If I won the euro millions (lottery) I would take my girlfriends on a shopping spree trip to NY followed by a week in the Caribbean
91.             I still miss things about South Africa … like making friends with the parents of my kid’s friends from school.
92.             I consider Belgium as home
93.             I get asked if I’m Australian all the time
94.             I have never been to Australia
95.             My mother-in-law thinks I’m a saint for still being in love with her son and still being married to him
96.             I’ve known my youngest brother-in-law since he was 5 years old (he’s now married with 2 kids)
97.             I have a very sweet tooth.
98.             I’m always thinking something
99.             I did a wine course last year … it confirmed it for me I like wine, and champagne and cocktails … okay, now I’m sounding like an alcoholic
100.         I wish I had enough money to stop working and do all the things I would so much rather do.