Thursday, July 25, 2013

Life with our kids

It is not often that I arrive home from work to find someone cooking in my kitchen. This, despite the fact that Himself is a better cook than me. Clearly my cooking is not bad enough to make him cook dinner more often. The only upside to the fact that he doesn’t cook often is the fact that cleanup is a lot easier when he doesn’t cook … if you get my drift J

Anyway, last night I find him and the two kids in the kitchen covered in flower. He was keeping in eye on Cat who was making pizza, from scratch.
And that is not all she made, she also made spaghetti bolognaise for them for lunch. The only thing that Himself did was chop the onion for her.

And let me tell you if her spaghetti was ½ as nice as her pizza I might not be the one cooking dinner for much longer. My girl is growing up!

* * * * * * * *

We also took the kids to the late night show at the movies last night. The Wolverine. They love the fact that they can stay up so late during their school holidays (vacation).

So in the car on the way home the following conversation takes place:

Tiger: 'thanks dad'
Himself: 'for what?'
Tiger: 'taking us to the movies'
Himself: 'pleasure'
Tiger: 'and what do you say, Jo?'
Me: 'that I have a very cheeky son'
Tiger: 'seems that way, doesn't it'

ps. they loved the movie and didn’t have any nightmares


  1. So it was a good movie?! We've seen all the other X-Men movies. But we're not as cool as you guys. We'll wait for it to come up for rental on the TV. ;o)

    Kat's pizza looks delicious! Homemade and everything! Lexie can make her own breakfast and lunch. Dinner is always on me.

  2. That is so awesome that your kids like to cook! Homemade pizza and spaghetti bolognaise, nice!
    Your son is too funny :D

  3. Mmm, that pizza looks delicious! Yay for kids growing up and learning to cook, looks like she must love it! :)

    I'm looking forward to seeing that movie! I love the X-Men movies!!

  4. Super great to arrive home to food! I wouldn't know what to do!

  5. That's so awesome about her cooking!! Yay for family movie nights too!

  6. I've always let my kids dabble in the kitchen. My second son is quite the cook! He can make chocolate chip cookies from scratch, dreams up some pretty spectacular smoothie recipes, and makes lunch for his sisters most days during summer break! My kids will never enter adulthood unable to fix themselves a meal.

  7. great post - Cat is so darn cute and that pizza looks YUM

  8. That is awesome! My oldest daughter will bake...everyday if I let her. Must get her onto dinners. I love this!

  9. so cute!! look at your girl experimenting in the kitchen. love it.