Monday, November 25, 2013


What a busy weekend!  I know, they all are busy but this weekend was even busier than usual.

It all started on Friday already. I had after work drinks & the kids had their usual sport. Luckily Himself was able to sort the kids out and I managed to get home in time to put together a pan of mac & cheese out of the oven the moment they walked in the door.

On Saturday, Tiger had another football (soccer) match, which I gave a skip to go to the hairdresser. I just had to do something about my tresses! Just a quick cut & run and then back home to do a couple of loads of washing.

Cat had a swimming competition in the afternoon so after Himself & Tiger got home from football it was time to leave for that.

Poor girl was so disappointed. She thought she had a false start in the breaststroke and stopped dead … (there was no false start) so she came in 4th.  Backstroke was okay but it’s not her best. She did, however, manage to pick up a bronze medal for freestyle (crawl). Sadly Himself & I only heard about it after the fact since we on were the train on our way to Paris when she swam that.

Yes we were in Paris on Saturday night.  The Springboks were playing rugby against the French on Saturday night. We were meeting up with two of the guys I work with, and their friend/wives to watch the game.

As expected the Springboks did not disappoint and beat the French 19/10, on their home grounds. 

Picture: REUTERS via the web

I’ll admit that it wasn’t the most exiting of games but it is always fun to watch a live match.

After the game we all went and got a couple of drinks.  Himself & I made our way to another part of Paris and then made our way back to the train station. We were on the first train back on Sunday morning.

Now, all of this would have been fine, and fun. But then,  while we were waiting for our train at the station. Just sitting there, minding our own business this guy approached us and started hassling us.

So Himself just spoke to him till he got bored and walked off, only to come back with 5 friends. Then they started getting really aggressive and insulting. So we got up and asked them to leave us alone. Only they didn’t and tried to get us to react even more.

Now, normally something like this never happens. Himself is not the kind of person who looks like a victim.

Anyway, I managed to convince Himself not to react, despite them throwing a glass bottle at us and ran off down the stairs, obviously hoping to draw us after them.

So, we ended our night with a bit of ‘excitement’, hopped on the train and came back home. I got about 2 hours sleep, got up to make us something to eat and then I had to go fetch the kids from my parents.  Needless to say I was dead asleep before 10 last night. My poor husband had to work and it turned out to be another long night. He only got home at 3:30 this morning. Poor guy was broken this morning.


  1. What a scary night! I'm glad he didn't engage though. I spent three days in Paris years ago and there were definitely parts of the city that freaked me out a little. Crazy weekend! I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

  2. Why were these guys trying to provoke you?! You're right - your husband is NOT someone I'd be messing with. Were they just looking for a fight? I'd have been scared.

    I need a haircut badly. It's been over 6 months now. I got so used to paying $12 in the US that I just cannot imagine paying the £45 ($72) it would cost me here to get a haircut near my house. No way. I'm waiting until we go back at Xmas to get a haircut! :o)

  3. well I am glad you had a night out but not glad it ended that way! what a pain. people are jerks.