Thursday, February 13, 2014

Nothing to say ...

On my walk from the station to the office this morning I was thinking to myself that I have totally lost my desire to blog. Not only that, I have nothing to blog about. I come to work, go home, take the kids to soccer and swimming and then go home, feed them, watch about 20 min of tv before I fall asleep. Repeat.  It is boring! I have a post in my draft box since Monday, my weekend recount but really it is too boring to post.

And then boom, I get to the office and discover that today I have things to post about. Random stuff but stuff none the less.

Yesterday afternoon Himself took Tiger to the florist to order 12 long stem red roses. He decided, all on his own, that he wanted to give a rose to every girl in his class, and one for his teacher. He is such a sweet kid. When I asked him why his sister and I aren't getting any roses he said it is cause he is making us something.

Speaking of Tiger, the other day I asked him what he wanted to do for a living when he grew up. 'Play football, first for Barca (Barcelona), then for Real (Madrid) and then for Portugal. And then I'll retire and let my wife work while I raise our kids and cook dinner and buy my wife flowers'. He is totally obsessed with Ronaldo which is why he wants to play for Portugal. I had to explain to him that playing for Portugal might be tough since he is Belgian and not Portuguese.

They have started filming Avengers2 in Johannesburg (South Africa). Apparently none of the stars are there but over the next 2 weeks they will be filming outdoor action stuff that will take place in Jo'burg. 

 And who doesn't need a laugh, Trevor Noah is a well know South African comedian and I for one think he is really funny.



Oh and a friend of my (he is form America, married to a local girl) started a travel blog called The Travelled Monkey so go and have a look at what he has to say.

And since I didn't post about it on Monday, I'll just add it now:

Cat (left) won a silver medal for 100m backstroke on Sunday


  1. Looks like you have some pretty awesome kids to be proud of! Kind-hearted, athletic...clearly you're a great mom :)

  2. You're doing something right, Jo - I think that is the sweetest thing that he wanted to give every girl in the class a rose. :o)

    I'm off to check out your friend's travel blog. You know I love those!

  3. Congrats to Cat AND for raising such a sweet boy! Oh imagine thinking to buy a rose for every girl in the class! So sweet :)

  4. Your boy is SO sweet! My nephew presented me with a fake flower that he made in his after-school daycare. He had one for me, one for his mom, my mom, and my mom's sister (his great-aunt) - so thoughtful, these boys can be! :)

  5. Nothing to blog about????? I love reading your posts, and that Tiger is going to make some VERY FORTUNATE young lady a fantastic husband. He is too, too cute! This post has made my day. I want a recap of Valentine's Day at school!

  6. I feel like I have nothing to blog about lately as well. I'm glad you had something to say today! Tiger is so sweet. His life plan sounds pretty amazing! And I'm so happy for Cat and her silver medal!

  7. Two thoughts......I think, as our kids get older, blog content becomes more challenging. Also, social media has killed many a blog. People just don't blog as much because social media tells the story quickly and with immediate feedback. Don't stop blogging!

  8. PS - I'm on facebook - Casey Clemens Starnes and instagram - @caseystarnes. If you're there, find me!