Thursday, May 22, 2014

I've been ...

Listening to ....

For some reason I couldn't load the video but if  you click on the link you will be able to watch it.
I know this is a Dutch song but the kids & I have been singing along to a quite a lot ... so I hope it even if you can't understand it you at least like it a bit.

In short it is a guy singing about a girl called Louise. How he thinks about her all day long but she never notices him. He is sure that if he won the lottery he would be able to sweep her off her feet. Take her out for dinner, take her to Spain.

Magic – Rude

Paloma Faith – Can’t rely on you

Michael Jackson & JT – Love never felt so good

Pharrell Williams – Marilyn Monroe

George Ezra - Budapest

Kongos – Come with me now

Kongos – Hey I don’t know


  1. Good songs! All very summer-y, which is what I need lately! We listen to the MJ/JT song on repeat. My kids love it too.

  2. Good choices! The Gers Pardoel song has a good beat - the only word I recognize is Louise, but it's still really catchy. Bet you get that one stuck in your head after you hear it! :)