Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Coming soon ....

A new year means new TV series, and that always makes me happy!

Here are some of the new series starting this month:

Marvel's Agent Carter
We have been watching all the other Marvel shows (movies and tv series) so we will for sure watch this

I saw the first episode of this series and Loved it! This should be really good.

I love Amanda Peet

Man Seeking Woman
I think Jay Baruchel is really funny so I hope this show does not disappoint

I'm going to watch the first episode of this and see what I think, I mean it has Stanley Tucci in it, but still, not 100% confident that I'm going to like it

Galavant - you can read my post about it here

Donnie Loves Jenny
I'm quite a big fan of all things Wahlberg so I'm happy to watch these two. Plus I think they make a totally cute couple

I watched the first episode of this and it really is quite an interesting question. I mean, what would I change if I could go back and change one single thing?

This English series is directed by Danny Boyle who is quite a controversial comedian and looks like it could be fast paced. I'm also a fan of  James Nesbit

Eye Candy
I must admit that I was rather surprised that this was a MTV production cause it looks really good.


I know I'm going to enjoy this one!

What new shows will you be watching this January?


  1. Don't laugh, but I'm actually thinking of watching The Bachelor. :) Other than that, I hadn't looked at anything new coming out. Two of my summer shows just got cancelled though - Franklin & Bash and Covert Affairs. Boooo.

  2. I have Hindsight on my DVR. I'll watch it soon. The previews made me laugh.

  3. I'm recording Hindsight, Man Seeking Woman, Togetherness, and Eye Candy, but haven't watched any of them yet. I did watch the first episode of Donnie Loves Jenny and it's really sweet!

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