Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer bucket list

I am such a procrastinator it is embarrassing.  Ok, that’s not totally true. The truth is I’m a procrastinator when it comes to doing things that I don’t feel like doing.  So, since the kids are going to be away for the next 6 weeks there are a couple of things which I’d like to get around to doing.

Hence my -> 

Have to be done, not so much fun, summer bucket list.

I’m hoping that if I put it out there on my blog for all of you to read I might feel a bit more pressured to actually do these things.

So here is what I need/have to do:

1.         start running!!!!!
I’ve been dreaming about running, wish that was enough to make the pounds fall off
2.         sort out the kids bedrooms
They each have their own room but have moved into the guest room cause they like to share a bed cause then they play games and read after being put to bed. For some reason they seem to think that I don’t know this.
3.         create a functional office space
With Himself working for himself an office is now very much needed, I can’t keep track off all the papers he brings into the house.
4.         sort out the paper work
All the above mentioned papers are in piles all over the house/kitchen/ they get moved from one place to the next. Also, I need to find a system that works for the bills coming in and for filing once paid.
5.         create a filling system that works (linked to # 4)
6.         sort out the shelving in the two bathrooms
This is not going to be such a big job. They kids have just messed them up looking for swimming towels etc and they could do with getting a good sorting and cleaning out.
7.         clean out the kitchen cupboards
Also, not such a huge job but it’s the kind of job that you put off cause you don’t normally have time to do it.
8.         fix up our bedroom (make it a bit more pretty/inviting)
I actually started making our room a bit more pretty some time ago but got side-tracked and then our bed broke etc etc … so I want to finish what I started.

There are more things that I can add to the list but I think I should stop; I don’t want to feel totally overwhelmed before I even get started.  Also, if I have 8 things on my list it gives me a week to do each of the things on the list.  I mean, it’s not like I’ll just be sitting at home for 8 weeks, I’m still working full time.


  1. Actually, a summer bucket list isn't such a bad idea to start up.... Damn, now I'm gonna have to start one, lol!!!

    The key to running is putting on your shoes and getting out the door. Then you should be set, hehehe...

    P.S. Random: It says you're reading Two For The Dough on the train. I'm in the middle of reading that too :)

  2. I would have some of the same things on my list as well. Good time to get it done with the kids away. You'll feel good after it's done! (said from the girl who loves to organize . . . it's an illness!)

  3. You should add a few fun things on there too, just to help motivate you. That is a great list though, a lot of those I really need to do too!

    If you want you can always check out my bucket list for ideas ;) http://cbmommyhood.blogspot.com/p/bucket-list.html

  4. great list of things to get done i'll pass on the running though only thing i run after is a chocolate bar

  5. See, I couldn't run here. In Oklahoma it gets to over 100 degrees in the summer. Our high today is 102!

  6. Best of luck with all that! :)

  7. This is a great list! I think it'll be fun to see all the progress. I'm also trying to start running this summer. We'll see how that goes.

  8. Wow, you have tons to do! But I know I always feel better after I've organized a space. In a few weeks, I am planning to totally reorganize my kitchen because it is rather small, and I have items in the cabinets I do not use. I will donate those items and reorganize!