Monday, September 10, 2012

Party like a 10 year old

So as you know Cat turned 10 last Wednesday. And, as custom she had a combined birthday party with her friend Alannah.

Alannah’s mom Noreen & I have been friends since 2000 when we started working together. The girls, due a month apart were born within 3 hours of each other. Since we moved back to Belgium in 2006 they have had a combined birthday party every year.

Unfortunately, following the death of Noreen’s uncle she had to go back to Ireland on Thursday. But since everything had been booked for the party there was no cancelling it.

I rushed home on Friday to get started on the cakes.  While I was busy with that Himself turned up at home with 2 extra kids. 2 of Cat’s best friends were having an impromptu sleep over. Luckily Himself had sorted out dinner for them all by picking up a couple of pizza’s on the way home.  And once they had food and a movie they were sorted.

Kim turned up at about 9:30 to help me to decorate the cakes…. which was going well until we ran out of fondant at around 1.  Since we do not have 24 hour shops (o that would be so handy) we had to call it a day.

Saturday morning at 7:30, yes you read that correctly 7:30 I had a call from Emily’s mom…. she had forgotten that Emily had a hockey match; Emily’s dad was on his way to our house to pick her up.  So the day started a bit earlier than expected.  But with lots to do like finishing the cakes and picking up a birthday gift for Alannah and dropping Ema off at home we had lots to do.

Noreen’s husband Jan was very happy to see us when we got to their house just after 3. He had hosted Alannah’s school party in the morning and after entertaining 15 kids on his own re-enforcements were very welcome.

The afternoon passed in a blur of kids and food and drinks and even if I have to say so myself it went well. We all missed Noreen, it was strange not to have her around but most importantly the 2 birthday girls had a great time.  


  1. I am so impressed with the cakes!!! good thing you aren't close as I'd be asking you to help me with my kids! Cakes are not my thing.

    looks like the girls had alot of fun : )

  2. It seems like everyone had good fun, nice photos!

  3. Those cakes look awesome! Your hard work paid off! It looks like a great party.

    I laughed at little at your reference to 7:30 being early. I can't remember the last time I slept that late! :o) 5:30 to 6 is our normal wake-up call, even on weekends!

  4. Wow, you did an amazing job with the cakes! They look perfect! I'm glad the girls had a good day!! :)

  5. what a fabulous party Happy birthday to your little one