Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Random rambling Tuesday

The kids have been back at school for a week now. So we are in full swing as far as homework is concerned.  So while I’m cooking dinner Tiger is sitting at the kitchen table and this is what it sounds like:

Tiger: ‘I’ll start with the hardest homework first’
me: ‘that’s a good idea, what will that be?’
Tiger: ‘the writing…. I have millions of words to write’
‘ I hate my teacher’ ‘who does this, gives so much homework’ ‘ it’s not fair’
‘I wish I was 22’
me: ‘why?’
Tiger: ‘then I could drink red bull’
‘look at my sexy body’ …. quoting Fat bastard from  Austin Powers
Tiger singing: ‘you can’t stop the music’ ‘you know that hey?’
me: ‘come my boy do your writing, the faster you do it your sooner you’ll be done’
Tiger: ‘I hate my teacher, I’m going to kill myself’ ‘I’m going to be here until after midnight’
me: ‘don’t say that! your teacher is only doing her job’

And so it carries on and on and on ….. and he is only in 2nd grade! How we are going to make it to the end of high school is beyond me at this point.

Cat on the other hand has not had any homework yet, we are still waiting for them to get their school books. There was a delay with the stock so none of the 4th graders have books yet.  According to the school it will be sorted by Friday.

Meanwhile, I haven’t posted about the weather in a while (see how smoothly I changed topics there) and today summer is truly gone.  It’s raining and grey and dull. The good thing is that Starbuck have started selling their fall coffees. I treated myself to an Apple crumble latte this morning …

What else, o yes I mentioned the other day that I was getting bored with my red hair but didn’t know what to do….. well I changed it on Saturday, what do you think:

Yes, I realize it's quite a drastic cut but I like it.  It's also really cheap to maintain and Himself loves it. The kids, well they don't like it  all that much but they'll get over it.

So what is happening in your life?



  1. Wow, I wish I was brave enough to try something like that with my hair! Right now the short bob I'm contemplating is about as wild as I'm willing to get! :)

  2. Wow, Cat lucked out there with no homework!! ha!! E hasn't had any yet either which is a nice way to ease back in. I'm dreading it.

    I have yet to try a "fall" drink. Going to have to do that although we are heading back into 80 degrees tomorrow.

  3. Your son cracks me up, I love that he quoted Austin Powers :D
    That is definitely a drastic change! I would never have the confidence do that! My hair hasn't been shorter than my shoulder blades for years, and years, and years. Haha! Right now its hitting the top of my crack :D
    I couldn't help but notice you are reading some Janet Evanovich - oh my gosh I LOVE her books! I just ordered the third and fourth off of eBay :D I am so excited for them to get here!

  4. Have you ever seen the movie, Empire Records?? If you haven't, you need to because you look just like one of the characters on there now!! She shaved her head in the bathroom in one of the first scenes. :o)

  5. Your baby is hilarious and you can totally pull of that shorty short hair! Love it!

  6. Your hair looks awesome. I wish I could cut mine that short.

  7. Jo, I LOVE your hair!!! I'm growing mine long and you went drastically the other way. I'm beyond jealous. My ears stick out too far to pull something like that off, but it suits you perfectly.

    Side note... your convo with Tiger scares me!! I've been thinking about how hard these coming school years will be- oy!

  8. first Tiger is a hoot love him and OMG your new look gorgeous love it so much

    Come Say HI

  9. you are so gutsy!! i would never be able to do it :) and i like it!