Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring is in the air

I don’t think so! We had another 10 cm / 3.9 inches of snow on Saturday night! The temperature has been hanging around -4 ºC / 26 º F during the day and -11º C / 12 º F at night so no; spring is most definitely NOT in the air!!   To add insult to injury I spoke to my mother-in-law who was saying, oh they can start to feel a nip in their air in the mornings and evenings, autumn is on it’s way (they live in South Africa) … when I ask her what the temperature is she says: about 30 ºC / 86 ºF … yeah they really have something to complain about !

Okay, deep breath, I’ll stop ranting about the weather now.

We didn’t do much this weekend, just the usual laundry (and this was me, not we) and Tiger had a football game, in the snow! I have no idea why they didn’t cancel the game. They got slaughtered 11/01! The other team played a rather dirty game, pushing and shoving so Tiger is covered in bruises.  Cat had swimming on Saturday night and then after feeding everyone etc I fell asleep in the bath. Luckily I didn’t drop my book in the water.

Cat had scouts on Sunday afternoon and while she was there Tiger & I went to visit my mom. She is doing really well. I can’t believe how mobile she is after this hip replacement compared to the previous one she had in 2005.

And that is about all we did this weekend.  I’ve been warned by the man that he has a hectic schedule lined-up for the next two week or so including a possible trip to Turkey and Nigeria. On top of that the kids will be off school for their Easter vacation as of Friday.  Plus, it is still crazy at work. I get to take about 15 minute lunch break at the moment … so it is go go go!

I hope you had a more fun filled weekend! I’m going to try and find the time to hop around and read all about it… until then! Cheers! Have a great week!


  1. Ahh You may be able to stop ranting about the snow but I just can't! Snow again this morning. Enough already, bring on the sun!

  2. I would happily take 86 degrees right now!!!

  3. thanks for updating on your weekend on your lunch break - I miss you!

    brrrr it's cold here, 'spring' and we got 6" of snow today!!! What sense does that make? I kind of enjoyed, I'll admit it, because Audrey needed to finally get some play worthy snow!

    Now, spring, please come our way :)

  4. Snow?! We didn't get any snow this winter so we're heading to the mountains to play in it tomorrow. Haha! It was almost 70 on Easter. That's almost unheard of this early in the year in Seattle!