Tuesday, March 26, 2013

You can hear my coming

So I have this fabulous pair of shoes but the most bizarre thing is they squeak.  Actually, that is not the most bizarre thing …

How fab are they not!!

So a couple of months ago the left shoe started squeaking and it used to drive my co-workers crazy every time I walked to the elevators or the coffee machine or the toilets.  

Then came the snow and the ice and I stopped wearing them … I’m not willing to risk a broken ankle just cause I insisted on wearing inappropriate high heeled shoes.

Last week we had a dry, ice free day so I put them on again and voila, no squeak … made me wonder if it was because of the couple of kilos that I lost.

But no, yesterday I wore them and again, and the squeak was back … only now it is the right shoe!

Either I picked up weight, on the right side of my body over the weekend (quite possible that I picked up weight, not so sure of it only being on the one side of my body though) or I just have the strangest shoes eva!

Okay I guess the fact that I’ve blogged about these shoes twice now is also a bit strange … but hey, I’m a shoe loving girl.


  1. Those shoes are fab! I say a little squeaking is worth it.

  2. Ha! What in the world?! Love the shoes, but the squeak would drive me nuts, too!

  3. LOL. they are fabulous shoes!!!!!!!!

    i've had shoes that squeek before.. almost sounds like a FART noise!! it's AWFUL. i find myself not wearing them too often :P

  4. that would drive me crazy!!! I wonder what did it though. . . . hm.

  5. I love your shoe obsession - those are some rocking shoes, though, seriously - I'm wearing heels today, which I NEVER do.

    I want to see a pic of you wearing your fabulous, squeaky shoes, not just a pic of the shoe ;)

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  7. Cute shoes, and sometimes I think it's worth inconvenience (the squeak) to look cute! ;P

  8. I wouldn't be able to walk in those shoes. I just wear sneakers all the time. I'm missing the I love shoes gene.

  9. I would fall and break my neck if I even tried these shoes on. Forget about the noise!

  10. Hahah! I had a pair of clogs that always squeaked too. So strange!