Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter weekend

2 April! What? Seriously, this year is just flying by and so did my 4 day weekend!

The kids still had school on Friday so I got to spend some time with my mom! It was nice and I’m just so impressed at how well she is doing (she had a hip replacement 2 weeks ago).

On Saturday, Himself was away in Lille (northern France) for a rugby game/dinner/business meeting, so it was only the kids and I at home.  So I decided to skip doing anything other than spending time with the kids.

Because of the arctic-like weather we had to cancel our annual Easter egg hunt and BBQ L the first time in 5 years! But Fred the Easter bunny didn’t forget about the kids.  Only this year they went ‘hunting’ by themselves. We have a little wooded area off the back of our house and Fred leaves Easter eggs there for the kids every year.  They were very happy with their loot but I’ll have to go back and check to see if they got everything.

On Sunday afternoon the kids & I met up with Noreen in her girls in Brussels for a free Easter egg hunt sponsored by one of the big chocolate companies here in Belgium. It was a disaster! For us.  I would have to say about 500 people turned up. And because they had locked the gates to the park no-one could get in until 3 o clock on the dot. So as you can imagine the people in the front just rushed in and either trampled loads of eggs into the ground or scooped it up.  Tiger found 1 egg! Then he saw a bunch of bigger boys with loads of eggs and asked me if he could run ahead. Sure I said, watching him run up the hill. Next thing my phone rings, it is Noreen wanting to know where in the park we were. When I look up I can’t see Tiger. So Cat & I walk up the hill expecting to find him at the top … only he is nowhere to be seen!

Heart attack! 

For the next eternity 20 min I run around like a crazy woman trying to find my kid.  I finally spot him kicking up some dry leaves, bored out of his mind!  Seriously! why is it that they can never understand why we go into full panic mode if we can’t find them?

After all this drama we finally found Noreen and the girls and by this time everyone is cold and miserable and sorely disappointed so we headed off to McDonalds. At least it is warm there and the kids could play while Noreen and I could catch up.

We also took the kids to go see GI Joe 2 … the late night show (10:30). They were thrilled that they got to go to the late show and they loved the movie. I can’t complain either; I mean, there was more than enough eye candy to keep me happy!

Bruce Willis ... heck yes!
Channing Tatum ... I would not say no!

DJ Cotrona ... yum!

Dwayne Johnson ... without a doubt!
 Images all via Google Images

Yesterday I decided to give the house work a skip, again and spend some more time with the kids. I have to work during their Easter break so I wanted to do something fun with them.

We decided to go and check out the Kasteel van Beersel (Beersel castle) only to find that it was being renovated. So instead we went and got some ice-cream and walked around Waterloo before going to visit Jellen & Kim.  

So all in all it was a nice weekend, much nicer than doing house work, which I’ll have to start on tonight before things get totally out of hand.


  1. You'll never look back and wish you cleaned your house more, but you'll be happy you spent those moments with your kiddos so don't worry about that!

    Glad to hear your Mom is doing well.

    That egg hunt does sound like a nightmare - I FREAK when I can't find my kids!!!

  2. Amber said it so well!!! good for you for letting it go and making fun for them. I am glad your mom is doing great. that's awesome news!

  3. Amber said it best and how was GI JOE

  4. Sorry about the busted up Easter plans! Hopefully next year you'll get good enough weather to pick the annual tradition back up again.

    My heart stopped for you when you mentioned losing Tiger for a bit. That is one of the things that scares me the most. If Lex is out of my sight for more than a minute in public, I start to freak and imagine the worst possible scenarios ever. It's terrible.

  5. Much better than housework! Such a bummer about the egg hunt though. That sounds like a madhouse! I love all those guys in GI Joe 2. Maybe I need to see it!