Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Long live the King!

Today is (the last) Koninginnedag (Queens day) in Holland. Queen Beatrix’s official celebration day. Though Queen Beatrix was born on 31 January, the holiday is observed on 30 April as it was the birthday of her mother and predecessor, Juliana. Since most of the traditional activities are held outside, observing the holiday in April makes suitable weather more likely.

As of next year it will be known as Koningsdag  (Kings day)and will be celebrated on the 27th of April, unless the 27th is a Sunday.

Why, because today Willem-Alexander was sworn in as the King of Holland. His mother, Queen Beatrix is abdicating after 33 years on the throne.  

In Holland, unlike in England there is no official crowning. The crown, sceptre and orb is only for show and are displayed on a table in the Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam, where the inaugurations take place. It also does not contain any real gem stones.

Thousands of people waiting outside the royal palace to greet the new king
 As they appeared on the balcony after the official inauguration of King Willem-Alexander, Princess Beatrix announced: ‘A couple of moments ago I took leave of the throne. I’m happy and thankful to introduce you to your new King: Willem-Alexander.’

King Willem-Alexander & Queen Maxima

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  1. A good education for a dorky American like me. Thanks!

  2. We just had a discussion about this in our office! One of my co-workers has a daughter-in-law who is Dutch, and she was telling us what Queen's Day is like. Then another co-worker noted that his son's middle names are the same as the new King's name - William Alexander. Interesting post, Jo!

  3. fancy schmancy! love these fact posts you do!

  4. neat - I love when you do these sorts of posts :)