Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekend roundup

Wow did that weekend just fly by or what? We were busy busy busy! 

We have a new house guest so we had to clear out the ‘store everything that doesn’t have a place to go room’. Following a split with from his CRAZY girlfriend a friend of ours no longer have a place to stay. He has also decided to change what he does for a living so money is tight. So, he is living with us for the foreseeable future.

Sunday was spent driving around. Cat had scouts and Tiger had a birthday party at on the other side of the bloody country. Okay, so that is not exactly true but it was ridiculously far away. Not to mention the fact that it was only for 2 hours! Who has a birthday party for 2 hours? 

33.5 Km or 20.8 miles!
On my way home after dropping Tiger off Himself called me to say that since the weather is so nice we are going to have lunch with Jellen & Kim. Sweet, only by the time we get to the restaurant and order our food it is time to drive back to pick up Tiger. So Himself offered to do the trip. Eventually we had to take his food home with us cause they got stuck in traffic. There was a local run happening so they were diverted all over the place. Again, who organizes a race to take place at 3:00 in the afternoon??? More crazy people!

Anyway, the fact that is was warm and sunny made up for it all.

O and you’ll never guess what one of the dogs did last night … he broke a window. Why? cause there was something outside that he just had to get to. At 3 o’clock this morning I was woken by the sound of breaking glass, the man just slept through it all. So I had to get up and check that he didn’t cut himself to bit and to find something to put in front of the window. Luckily he was fine and all the glass got knocked out of the room.  Why can’t I have normal dogs? Is that really too much to ask?

Right, time to get back to work. Only 2 days of work this week. Kids are off school tomorrow and so am I - Happy days!


  1. Wow, your dog is naughty!!! We had a crazy weekend, too. I hate it when events close streets, especially when you don't have prior knowledge!

    I hope you have a calmer week!

  2. I might jump through a window for a million dollars, but nothing else would be worth it.

    I do think it's a little funny how people's perspective of distance can be so different. I drive 50 miles a day getting lexie to and from school, then to get to town if I need to run errands is another 15-20 miles. I'd have to get to 100 miles one way for it to seem far away. ;o)

  3. Oh my gosh, sounds like you've had quite the weekend!
    Glad to hear your dog is okay, that's crazy he decided he wanted to go through the window!

  4. wow, you guys have a lot going on. Nice of you to help out a friend!

  5. oh my, I cannot believe he broke the window. that would have freaked me out. you guys sure do have alot going on.