Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Grab a cuppa, this is a long post

Hi!  It is not often that I sit and blog with a cup of tea at my kitchen table. O that the house is this quiet.

Cat is on school camp for the week. She left yesterday morning in a flurry of excited tension and then when she was on the bus looking out of the window she showed me that she had taken photos of all of us with her. One of me and her when she was about 4, one of Himself and Tiger when he was a baby and one of Himself and I taken years ago.

I can't wait to hear all the stories when she gets back on Friday.  Just hope she doesn't come back sick. The weather is really not great, wet and not warm at all. We are sitting about 56F or 14 C.

Tiger is also not at school today, the teachers are having another teacher training day which means no school for the kids. We have another coming up in June.  Needless to say he is really enjoying being a only child this week.

And for a quick re-cap of our past weekend.

Thursday was Ascension day. So the kids and I went to a 1st Communion party.  Himself had to work at the pub ... I think he was secretly happy to have a valid excuse not to go. He is terrible like that.

In the end both kids left with other people.  Cat went to Noreen for a sleepover and Tiger had a sleepover at another South African lady house. She has two boys.  This was quite handy cause I meant that I didn't have to go home after the party I could just go straight to the pub to pick Himself up ..... well, we closed at about 3.

Friday I spent the day driving around with Himself getting stock and doing banking etc before going to pick the kids up in Antwerp and Duffel.

I have no idea what we did on Saturday. Drawing a total blank...oops. But I know how it ended.  I spent Saturday night doing the ironing.  I finished at about 1 in the morning and decided to relax just bit before calling Himself to hear what time I was to pick him up.  But after the previous late nights I decided to leave the main light on in the bedroom and just to take off my shoes, you know, not get too comfortable. Called and he said to be there by 3. So I started watching an episode of something on the computer ..... checked my watch, it was 2 which meant I had to leave in 30 min. At 3 Himself rang to ask where I was. Failed, I fell asleep.

Anyway, I pulled on my shoes and raced to the pub, well race is an over statement. It was pouring with rain and all the drunk drivers were out so you really can't drive too fast. (ps. in case you are worried about the kids, we still have someone staying with us so they were not left home alone).

Got to the pub at 3:30, helped clean up the last couple of glasses. We left there at about 4. Then Himself told me that we had to go pick Jellen & Kim up and take them to the airport just after 5. Their flight to Miami was moved forward by 24 hours. So we drove to their place via the 24 hour MacDonald's. And sat outside their house waiting for some movement. 

In the end Himself took them to the airport in our car while I went home in their car.  Let me tell you, my bed felt sooo good! 

I was up a couple of hours later, the kids had a Mothers day gift for me, which really surprised me cause I know how little time Himself has had to do anything like going shopping.  And since it was Mothers day I made some crumpets for breakfast (they are like pancakes but smaller). And then I had to rush out the door.

Tiger had a soccer tournament so it was decided that I would work in the pub while Himself took Tiger to soccer.

I finally made it back home at 9 o clock. Long day.  

I knew having the pub again was going to take up a lot of time but I forgot quite how tired you get. I feel so bad for Himself, his knees are killing him. (He broke both knees playing rugby many years ago so all this standing is not enjoyable).  But it looks like this is going to work. Once Jellen and Kim are back from their vacation they will also start doing some shifts which will help. In the mean time we are trying to come up with a new name for it.

Right, this post was quite a bit longer than planned. Sorry if I bored you to death.


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  2. Hmmm.....a name for a pub.....I can't wait to hear what you name it! Y'all are so busy, my friend. That sounds like something I'd do...fall asleep when I'm expected somewhere!

    I hope Cat has a great trip with her class. I want to hear about it!

  3. omg you must have been exhausted after that! I would have been. Oh, and I would have fallen asleep too.

  4. Oh my you have been busy since I was here last!! I know how much work running a pub can be and wish you huge sucess and good shoes :) Take care of you!

  5. Oh wow. Talk about a crazy night. I don't think I could stay up that late more than one night in a row. I guess it's something you eventually get used to, huh? I can't stand driving on the roads late at night with the drunk drivers. It really freaks me out. That's why I'm glad London has the Tube. Hopefully all the drunkies ride that or catch a cab. At the very least, the Tube won't be driven by any drunk drivers! ;o)

  6. Oooh, can't wait to hear what you guys name the pub!

  7. I love hearing about what's going on with you!! Sounds like it's been a lot - can't wait for pub updates.

    Also, glad you got to sit and write in peace!!!