Wednesday, May 29, 2013

WWTK - Knowing you, knowing me ....

Wednesday! We are ½ there people ... the weekend is in sight!
And, yes, it is time to link up with Scriptor and Kenzie for WWTK.

Incognitus Scriptor

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Here are my answers:

{no. 1} If we met up for coffee what would we talk about?
The terrible spring we are having, I can't seem to stop complaining about it. And about what long hours Himself is putting in at the pub and how the kids and I miss him and how I wish there was something that I could do to make his life easier. And how I'm hoping and wishing that his big business venture will really take off without us having to constantly deal with dishonest people in this world.

{no. 2} What is one great thing that has happened to you this month?
We had access to a second car for two weeks, it was bliss, as long as it lasted.

{no. 3} Where is the last place you went?
I'm not quite sure how to answer this. Since I tend to go to all the same places, all the time. Work, home, school, soccer/swimming for the kids.

{no. 4} If you could meet up with one or two bloggers who would they be?
I would have to say I would love to meet up with so many but especially with Colleen & Amber. Since Sarah has just moved to London it is only a matter of time before we meet up.

{no. 5} What are your pet peeves?
Rude people, people who don't use their indicators ... the list can go on and on ....


  1. Sorry to hear you guys are missing Himself & that he's having to work so much at the pub lately. Hopefully there's a calm for you & your family soon!!

  2. Our Spring has been super bipolar! It drives me nuts when people don't use their blinkers, ugh.
    Hope you are having an amazing week so far!

  3. I need to join in this fun link up! So sorry he's been working so much! Sending positive vibes for his biz venture!!! Thats exciting! We had access to a second car for a couple weeks too and throughly enjoyed it! Ironic u did too :)

  4. I hate dealing with dishonest people. They end up making you jaded and distrustful of most people. :o(

    Yes...we will definitely be meeting soon!!! :o)

  5. I abhor rude and dishonest people, too! When you're in business, you have to deal with the public and all kinds of unsavory types, unfortunately.

    So late to the party (yikes)!


  6. awww thank you girly!!! The feeling is mutual! I'm so behind in my blog reading that I just saw this now!!

    I'm sure the schedule is tough!! Hoping it gets easier soon for you guys.