Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Do you suffer from any phobias?

I suffer from claustrophobia.  It's never been terribly bad, I just don't like my arms to be pinned down and I can't watch people on TV if they are stuck in air vents.
However I think it is getting worse.  I got stuck in an elevator / lift at work the other day.  It took every bit of self control not to freak out and for the rest of the week I took the stairs. Luckily I'm on the 6th floor and not the 16th.

Yesterday I had to take the car through the car wash. Let me tell you it is something that I don't want to do any time soon again. It was horrible!   I felt nauseous and like I couldn't breath. Even after it was all over and I was driving along the highway I was still feeling like that. And it is stupid cause logically I know that of course I can breath and that thousands if not millions of people use a car wash on a daily basis. Plus have you ever heard of someone actually dying in a car wash? That only happens in the movies and then they are either stabbed or strangled or shot. 

Just looking at this makes me feel sick!

I don't get any sympathy from Himself either. He just thinks I'm being illogical and need to get over myself which is annoying cause I know it is true.

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  1. When my oldest was about 2 or 3, he HATED the carwash. I don't know if it is claustrophobia or just a kid thing but I can totally understand it.

  2. wow, can't believe you wrote about a car wash!

    i have such a fear of car washes... my head starts to bead out sweat and my heart is racing and i get short of breath. i now go through car washes where i have to get OUT of my car and watch it go through all by it's lonesome :)

  3. Illogical or not, it doesn't make it less scary. :o( I have a lot of "illogical" fears, so I get it!

    I don't like elevators either, but not because of the small space. I'm always worried I'll get stuck in one for hours or that it'll plummet to the ground. I take the stairs unless the place I'm going is on some unreasonably high floor. :o)

  4. I don't think it's illogical at all. Being stuck in confined spaces can be terrifying. I'm petrified of birds...now that's illogical!

  5. I have mild claustrophobia, but I can gain power over it. If I'm in a crowded elevator, I do need to close my eyes. Hubby is 6'2", so if we're together, I bury my face in his back so I can't see anything. The car wash doesn't bother me at all, as most things where I'm alone don't. It's the other people around me who bother me.

  6. Small spaces don't bother me, but if there are a lot of people in a small space then I start to freak.

  7. I'm claustrophobic, too. I hate crowds, and I rarely take the elevator unless I must. I won't go underground, either. I have a bad basement phobia! And there is NO WAY IN HELL you'll ever get me on the Chunnel unless I'm completely knocked-out!

  8. I'm slightly claustrophobic, not bad at all.. just enough that it makes me uncomfortable being in tight spaces. I think I am most afraid of getting stuck!