Monday, April 8, 2013

Working mom guilt

Okay so on Thursday we (Himself & I) left the house just after 7:30 … the kids were still asleep.

We had no choice. I had to be at work and he had clients to pick up from the airport…

I finally got home at 6:15, which means that our kids had been home alone for hours on end.  I don’t think I can quite tell you how guilty I felt. Himself had planned on going home to check up on the kids for an hour or two but his day ran away from him. Then, to top it all, Cat starts crying and telling me that they were so bored and hungry. 

Talk about feeling guilty!

Okay, I totally get that she was doing this just to make me feel bad, and it worked. But for the record there was plenty to eat in the house, so her complaint at not having anything to eat was unfounded.

So I forced them to go walking with me, cause after spending the entire day doing nothing but watching movies I decided that they needed to spend time with me and get some fresh air. You will not believe how they complained about that! But as it so often goes once we were off they were having a great time.

I was feeling so guilty about being such a bad mom that I actually pulled a ‘sicky’ on Friday. Ssssh don’t tell anyone! I was convinced that the kids were going to be thrilled …

Queue disappointment … when I went and woke them up on Friday morning they both wanted to know what I was doing at home.  Clearly the day before had scarred them for life. (sometimes I wish we had a font for sarcasm)

Anyway, we spent Friday doing pretty much next to nothing since it was cold and windy and miserable out. Saturday Tiger had a football game … 2 of the kids didn’t turn up so he was the goalie and did rather well. Their team won 10/2.

Himself did a shift at his friends pub on Saturday night so it was just the kids & I at home. Cat and I watched Monster-in-law. She loved it. She is totally into romantic comedies.  Tiger was happy to watch WWF.

Sunday was a beautiful day. It was sunny and bright and balmy. After doing some ironing I joined the kids outside. Cat abandoned her dolls and the three of us played with Tigers hot wheels and built compounds with sticks and pieces of bark and whatever else we could find.

Later in the afternoon we took a drive up to Duffel to drop Cat off at Noreen’s for a sleep-over.

So at least I don’t have to feel guilty about leaving my kids home alone again this week. Cat will be back from visiting Alannah on Tuesday and then on Wednesday she is going on scout’s camp till Sunday. And Tiger has football camp this week. And before we know this week will be over and it will be back to school till the end of the school year (28 June).


  1. "Sometimes I wish there were a font for sarcasm." SO TRUE!!!!

    I love laying on the couch watching romantic comedies with Lex. Monster-In-Law is a good one! :o)

  2. agree - that is so funny about the font!

    great flick!

  3. Ah, don't feel too badly, I'm sure your kids didn't mind being alone watching movies all day! (It was one of my favourite things to do when I was a kid - and STILL is! haha!)

    I love that my nephew is getting into all the movies my brother and I watched when we were kids. It's fun to share them with him and see that he loves them as much as we did. Now, I'll just have to wait for my nieces to be old enough to watch romantic comedies with me! That'll be so much fun!!!

  4. Totally with you on the sarcastic font.

  5. Stop with the Mom Guilt right now! LOL The sarcasm font is a must for us all... ;P
    FYI My fifteen year old will complain that there is nothing in the house to eat. I threatened to take her down the road about 20 miles to see folks who truly don't have anything to eat if she didn't stop. Kids!

    I know you are a great mom because I've read your blog for a while. Guilt is a useless emotion, and I'm happy you had a great weekend with your family.

    I love romantic comedies, too! Girls are fun in that respect. I don't know that I could handle a lot of WWF, LOL!


  6. When I was younger I loved being home by myself. I could watch what I wanted without my mother asking me a billion questions.

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  8. i love monster in law!! its such a cute movie!!!

    i really like the fact that you are a mom who expects your kids to do some imaginative and physical activities!! yes we all love movies and computers, but theres nothing like using your imagination to build up an entire area for matchbox cars... bravo :)

  9. You are the coolest mom. You spend so much good, quality time with your kids. I should really get down and built with sticks and rocks with my boys! I'm a stay at home mom, but still feel guilty all the time. Am I doing enough? Are they getting enough socialization? Should they experience other people (babysitters or teachers)? I think moms in general have a ton of guilt. You are awesome!