Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Girls day

On Saturday Cat & I had a girls day in Antwerp with my friend Noreen & her daughter (Cat’s ‘cosmic twin’) Alannah.

A friend had given the girls a free mani-pedi for their birthday in September and we were finally all able to meet up.

We got up early and took the train to Antwerp.

Let me tell you these girls are so spoilt. Drinking kiddie champagne & eating pretzels while having their nails done.

Alannah got a french manicure while Cat got her nails painted blue

After lunch at Pizza Hut we took them for a bit of shopping, cause really what girls day is complete without some shopping.


  1. sounds like a fun day to me. Cat is so pretty Jo - she is growing into a beautiful young woman!

  2. Kiddie champagne?! What's in that? :o)

  3. I love the champagne and pretzels! Cute!

  4. So fun! Isabella and I have had a few mini girls outings like that, but it's going to be so much fun when both girls are old enough to go.

  5. Aw, how cute! I know they enjoyed celebrating their birthdays (although belatedly).
    AH-dorable photos! Girls' outings are the *best*


  6. Sounds like a perfect girls' day! I'm loving your hair right now, too :)

  7. Fun! I love having two crazy boys, but I will definitely miss not doing girly stuff like this with a daughter. Manis, shopping, slumber parties, concerts... What I really need is for my sister to have a baby girl so I can be the awesome aunt! :)

  8. Oh my - so much fun - girls day!!!! I can't wait to do this with my daughter! :D