Monday, October 28, 2013

Part fish part girl

I am one proud mom let me tell you. Yesterday Cat took part in her first ever swimming competition. All the hard work and hours spent in the pool clearly paid off. Our girl won 2 gold medals!

One for the 100 m breast stroke and one for the 100 free style.  Then she took part in the team mixed 8 x 50 relay and was both the starter and the last swimmer since one of the kids had gotten sick.

Her times:
·         100 m breast stroke--> 1:57
·         100 m free style --> 1:38

She told one of the coaches that she is planning on swimming for Belgium one day … who knows, she might just get there.  If she does, just remember that you read about it here first.


  1. What an awesome accomplishment!!! Go Cat!!!!

  2. :D

    This post warms my heart so much! Congrats to Cat!

    Did you know that I was a state champion swimmer when I was a youngster? Our relay team won almost every year.

    Freestyle was my best stroke, and butterfly. I was OK @ backstroke, but breaststroke was my worst one.

    Clearly Cat is VERY FAST @ breast stroke!


  3. That's so awesome. You must be one proud mama.

  4. Congrats Cat!!!! That is awesome!!! Two gold medals - she totally killed it! I hope she does swim for Belgium one day - wouldn't that be incredible?!

  5. She did so awesome!! I can see how proud you are - I would be too!

  6. Awww, this is the best! Good for her for having big dreams! And great, supportive parents! :)