Monday, October 7, 2013

Last of the single digits!

Okay this is just unbelievable, where has the time gone?

I put an 8 year old to bed last night and woke up a 9 year old! 

Honestly, I feel like he should be turning 7 not 9 ... it just doesn't seem possible.

Other than the fact that this kid surprised us by being my brothers clone the past 9 years has been mostly a pleasure.

Pokemon is big in our house at the moment
Clearly hard to open 9 year old eyes

Cat & Tiger
Opening his present - he only asked for one
I don't know who is happier him or me cause it means that there is one less thing to fight over in our house


Happy 9th Birthday to our Tiger - we love you boy!


  1. happy birthday to your little man!!! do you ever call him your brother's name??? I often do that.

  2. What an awesome cake. Happy birthday Tiger.

  3. You love to torture your kids with pictures first thing in the morning, don't you? :o)

    That cake looks yummy - you made it?

  4. I'm having mini-breakdowns at the thought of our youngest being 6. And, soon all of yours will be double digits! Feel free to panic with me.

  5. :D Happy Birthday, Tiger! They grow-up so fast! *sighs*

  6. Aww, happy birthday Tiger! Great gift!!