Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy Birthday!

 It’s my man’s birthday today. As usual I had no idea what to get him. The man has everything his heart desires, well ok, maybe not everything but everything his heart desires that falls within my budget (wish is not much I can tell you).

He is really into tools - and he can use them which is a bonus. Only his tool collection is so exhaustive that anything that he doesn't already have would cost me anywhere from around 400 Euro's or more. -> Not to mention that I don't really know a good tool from a bad tool.

He's really into music - he already has 3 guitars, plus a full set of harmonicas, an amplifier & all the other things he needs He has a huge music collection and we have 3 ipod's.

Watches - he loves his watches but once again it's been my stand-by for many a birthday, christmas & anniversary over the years so he owns several, but doesn't wear any of them because he tends to lose or break them when he does.

Clothes - My man is South African in build which translates into, none of the clothes in the shops here in Belgium fit him! Even the XL's are too small. This is why we stock up on shorts and t-shirts every time either of us happen to get over to South Africa.

So what did I get him? Some cologne, which he'll probably never wear but I got it for free from my friend who is beautician, and it's really expensive stuff.

Himself and 2 of 'da boys'

Happy Birthday Babe!

Hope you'll make so much money with the Stack-Cups between now & your next birthday that I'll be able to afford buying you something that you would really like and want!

Himself and 2 of 'da boys'

Doesn't he clean up nice!

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