Monday, July 4, 2011

Weekend happenings

So the weekend started off quietly enough. After feeding the family on Friday evening I decided to make the most of the weather and sit outside and read. It’s not often that I get the time to read at home.

The next thing I know Tiger is waking me up, that’s right I managed to dose off in my chair outside. Needless to say I went straight to bed and slept like I haven’t slept in ages.

My friend Kay phoned at some point and Himself decide to wake me up so I could tell her in person that I was asleep and not in the mood/capable of going out (cause he was not able to relay the message?). I went straight back to sleep.

The kids were great on Saturday as well & I managed to get to bed early on Saturday night as well (this never happens). Himself was out with a friend so I didn’t even have to worry about sorting him out either.

Then Sunday happened……

But first let me give you a bit of background.  

We own 3 dogs. It started off with 1. Himself got the kids a boxer puppy for Christmas 2008. Only Lulu got really lonely during the day and when someone offered us a little male puppy (also a pure bred boxer) for free, we added Duke to the mix. Tiger just loves these dogs, they sleep with him every night and according to him they can do no wrong, even if they have just chewed one of his toys. He told me this weekend that he thinks he loves me and the dogs the same.

Then, as it happens, our 2 dogs became 9 dogs when Lulu had a litter. And, yeah we just had to keep one you know, there was no way we could sell all of her puppies. (this is what I was told over and over again). Which is how we came to own 3 dogs, Lulu, Duke & Gus.

Duke, however, has become very aggressive towards other (strange) dogs. Because of where we live (on the edge of a little wooded area) we have people walking their dogs past our house every day. Duke does not like this. The strange thing though is that he is not like that toward every dog walking past our house only some.  

Unfortunately on Sunday morning, one of these dogs walked pass our house and that’s when it happened. He jumped the fence and well let’s put it mildly, went to town on this other poor dog.

I feel dreadful for the poor people, it must have been really bad for them to have their poor dog bitten. Now I don’t have anything to say in Duke’s defence. It was an awful thing that he did and he’s been locked in the house since then.

A couple of hours later I was in the kitchen cleaning when Cat comes running in, in a total panic. The police are outside and looking for me, I can’t say I was surprised.

Cat by this stage had convinced herself that I’m about to get locked up by the policy never to return home ever again. Took some time for me to talk her into staying in the house with her brother while I dealt with it. (poor child I know she only wants to help but I’m not quite sure what she thought she could have done).

Two officers were waiting for me. They proceed to ask me if it’s true that my dog bit another dog, yes I say. Yes the dog is locked up at the moment. Yes I’ll make sure to keep the dog locked up. No it’s not dangerous to people. They agreed since they saw that we had kids and the dog has never bitten anyone.

At the same time my friend Jay called to check what they could bring along for the BBQ. Cat of course answered the phone and told me that the policy were outside talking to me. He put down the phone told his wife (who was busy getting dressed) to grab her stuff and get in the car they had to urgently get to our house.

Once the police leave I found out from Cat that Jay had called and was on his way to our house. So I rang them to say please not to worry I’ve dealt with it and no one is getting locked up but they were already around the corner from our house.

So now we have a 200 euro vet bill to pay not to mention the need to put up some Duke proof fencing. But at least I know that we have friends who will arrive at our house ½ dressed if we should need them in a hurry.

Wonder what the rest of the week is going to be like?

Tiger & the culprit aka Duke

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