Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer Time Blues

So by now you'll know that I grew up in sunny South Africa.
To be more exact, I grew up in a small town called Louis Trichardt.
We moved there just before I turned 6 and my parents only moved away when they re-located to Belgium, 2 years ago.

This all means that growing up the weather was pretty good. Because the town is at the foot of a mountain we would get some mist and drizzle but overall summers were HOT!

Summers were an average of 35 ºC or 95 ºF

Skip ahead a couple of years and you'll find me living in Belgium.

This week we had temperatures of 14 ºC or 57.2 ºF with rain! I had to wear a coat to work!

Now I don't want to sound like the typical Belgian and just complain about the weather but really?This is not what I call summer!!

This morning there was some blue skies to be seen and to be fair the maximum for today is going to be 22 ºC or 71.6 ºF. This is better than yesterday but not summer, not by a long shot.

I want hot sticky days, sitting round the pool sipping ice cold drinks!

Bring on the summer, please!!

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