Friday, August 12, 2011

Thomas O'Malley

So my dad sent me these photos of the picture frames and mirror that my mom found for me yesterday - I'm so excited about it! I know exactly where that mirror is going to go. I need to finish my quilt this weekend so I can start sanding and painting.

O and to get to Thomas O'Malley.

Thomas O'Malley the alley cat is our cat. Only in May when Himself & I went to Italy for a wedding O'Malley disappeared. A friend of ours stayed in our house to look after the kids and animals for us, she said that she saw him on Friday evening but not again .... and that was that he just never came home again.

That is until last night. I was doing the dishes when lo and behold O'Malley jumped up onto the little window cill. Just like that, as if the last time we saw him was yesterday morning. I'm really happy! I know it's a stupid thing to blog about and I do apologize for boring you to death but what can I say I'm just so thrilled to have my cat back.

Not our O'Malley but a look-alike

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