Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Today vs Tomorrow

Today -> Last day of the summer holidays
Tomorrow -> Back to school

Pretty much how I feel today!

I think we are all happy to be going back to school. The kids will get back into a 'normal' routine and things will be a bit more structured at home.

Well, that is the plan.

Himself is out with them today, buying school supplies (last minute I know but what else is new) and some new school clothes. They have grown so much over the summer that nothing fits them anymore.

This year we (and I mean both me & Himself) are determined to be more involved. It's hard when you don't speak the same language as the other parents/kids at school. When you work full time and find the whole school system bizarre (you would think that since our kids have only ever gone to school here in Belgium we would be used to the difference there are between here & South Africa, but alas no, we still find it strange).

In fact Himself said to me that he'll become more involved this year which was music to my ears. Cause lets face it as much as he loves these kids getting involved in school/parent related activities is not his idea of fun. I'm thinking I should have recorded that promise for use in the future as and when it may be needed.

So tonight it's going to be the usual battle to get them to go to bed early despite their insistence that they are not tired.

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