Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A very quiet house

The kids had a sleep-over at my folks on Sunday night. Himself had two meetings on Monday and taking the kids along was just not an option and then his last meeting ran late so the kids stay over for an additional night.

When I phoned my mom this morning to check if she is still alive Cat answered the phone and asked me if I knew that she was not at home. Silly girl!

I must say the house was very quiet last night without the two of them. We have gotten so used to them storming into our room to tell us something (every 5 min) that I even got up a couple of times to check on the dog's who also were very quiet.

I also just had to attach you this photo. It's the runt of the litter sitting in one of the Stack-Cups. We were hoping that we would be able to fit at least three of them into the cups but all the other puppies are already too big.

Pint of Puppie anyone?

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