Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back to School

Today is Back to School day.
It always is back to school on the 1st of September unless it falls on a weekend.

I decided that I would ease everyone into it. So I let the kids sleep a little later (only woke them at 7). And was very patient with them to get dressed and eat before leaving (I have to admit that I allow myself to get a bit impatient with them so I'm trying to improve on the whole atmosphere in the house in the mornings). I did however get slightly annoyed with Himself when he declared he doesn't see the point of us both taking them to school so I should take them and come back to pick him up.

They could not understand why I wanted to take pictures of them and then it was all rushed but I managed to take 4. Finally we made it to school with 5 min to spare. And as can be expected on the 1st day of the new school year there were cars everywhere! But the kids asked me to just drop them off and go and by the way why did I bring them to school this morning why didn't their dad do it?

Himself thinks it's all very funny. He says that I need to decide what I want our kids to be, independent or babies cause I can't have it both ways.

I'll post the above mentioned photo's later.... I had to get to work as soon as possible after dropping kids off at school and can't load photo's on my work computer.

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