Thursday, September 22, 2011

Procrastinating procrastinator

I need to get my ducks in a row ....
I have so much to do and not enough time or let's be honest, motivation to get started, on those days when I do have the time.

Maybe it's just me (I sincerely  hope not, I hope there are other of you like me, out there), but by the time I've fed everyone, tidied the kitchen, put a load of washing in the machine, put the kids to bed I often have no desire to do anything other than crash.  To grab a book or watch some tv.

Come the weekend & I have so much cleaning & sorting & laundry to do that I curse myself for not getting a head start during the week.  So I make plans and list to follow to stop this all from happening again.  Only to find that  by the time the next week roll around I'm beat and/or not in the mood to do any of it.

I have become such a procrastinator it's shocking!

O dear! I just googled procrastination and according to Wiki it's not good, not good at all!  On the bright side I don't think I'm quite at that terrible level yet as I still manage to do the most important things. (phew!)

Apart from the general cleaning & laundry I have the following
Necessary To Do / Would like To Do list:

Filing of all paid bills into correct folders
Sort out the laundry/mud room
Create usable office ... and actually use it
Clean out the kitchen cupboards / pantry
Sort out the walking-in closet space (currently being used as both cupboard & general storage room)
4 DIY projects of varying sizes which include sanding & painting

At least my  house doesn't quite look like this yet

By telling everyone this and putting it 'all out there' I'm hoping to guilt myself into action.

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