Thursday, September 29, 2011


We had a parent teacher meeting this morning. It seems that Tiger is still having a hard time with basic things that he should know off by heart. When we look at his school books it’s all well done! and Bravo! but when they test him on his own …. let’s put it this way … he sort of get’s lots.

What makes everything even more frustrating is the fact that our kids go to school in French and we are in no position to help them with their homework.

The other problem with Tiger is that we don’t know how much French he actually speaks or understands. He hardly ever speaks French at home. Him and Cat only speak English to each other so it’s French at school and English at home. This should be a good thing except for the part where we don’t know how much he understands.

It’s not like he’s fluent in English either. He uses French words every now and then when he get’s stuck and his grammar is not perfect either. Up and until now we have not worried about it much. I mean, the kid is 6 and he speaks and understands 2 languages and pretty much understands a third one so it’s normal that he would get confused.

We have decided to up the number of times he goes to the Logopede (a Logopede is like a speech therapist but they work with kids who have both speech problems and reading, writing and math problems).

He went the whole of last year on account of his lisp.

It’s really nice to know the teacher and principal are aware of his problems and that they want to help as much as possible but it doesn’t change how frustrated one feels as a parent.

On the way to work after the meeting I said to Himself how frustrated I feel because I can’t spend extra time working with him both because of how bad my French is and because I work and get home so late. Told him he had better start making big buck real soon so I can quit my job and be able to spend some time with the kids.

Aah heck, you know I know one day when they are big we’ll look back and smile (hopefully) but right now it’s frustrating as hell!

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