Friday, September 30, 2011

I can, I will , I should ....

I've found yet another Blog that I like ... really this is addictive .. I think I'm now stalking  checking in on about 80 blogs.

I found this on Heather's cool blog & thought I'd give it a go:

I can't ...

  • Drink coffee first thing in the morning, give me an hour
  • Live without the internet!
  • Spend money, it drives my husband insane!

I can ...

  • Do most things with both hands, I'm ambidextrous
  • Procrastinate like few, when it comes to doing our paperwork
  • Read a book & watch a movie at the same time

I wont...

  • Ever be good at math
  • Call anyone if I got locked in a bookstore overnight
  • Ever understand everyone's obsession with Robert Pattison -> Go team Jacob!

I will...

  • Be ecstatic when I no longer have to wear braces on my teeth
  • Try to be the best wife & mother & friend I can be
  • Always have an irrational fear of moths

I shouldn't ...

  • Be so impatient with my kids
  • Try to please everyone
  • Go to bed with make-up on, I know it's bad for my skin

I should ....

  • Find ways of doing all the projects I have planned
  • Start running or start eating less
  • Learn to speak better French, will make living in Belgium much easier

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