Monday, October 3, 2011

How Not to spend your weekend

This weekend we had the most amazing Indian summer weather. No jokes! It was hotter than what it was for the entire July & August. It was lovely!

What did I do this weekend?
Did I sit out in the sun sipping wine, chatting with my girlfriends?
Did I lie out in the sun getting a bit of colour on my all too pale skin?

No I stood inside my kitchen doing the ironing! And let me tell you it sucked!

But it had to be done cause the pile of clean laundry was bigger than the pile of dirty laundry (cause let's face it, it's much easier throwing it in the washer & dryer than what it is to iron). And by doing the washing I at least feel like I'm doing something about the state of our house.

Not only do I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle against the never ending laundry basket there is the constant dust & spiders! Honestly it's like like living on the set of Arachnophobia. Ok not as deadly but honestly we have spiders everywhere.

It's not quite this bad but yes we do find spiders in the bath or basin or shower or kitchen or....

The lawn desperately needs to be mowed, again, before the rain sets in only I'm not sure when Himself is going to get around to doing it. Between his meetings & me working full time mowing the lawn is not so high on our list of priorities even if it's high on our list of Things that have to be done.

I have to book Tiger's birthday party this week. The poor kids, it's his birthday on Friday and I still have not managed to get to the bowling alley. We really need to buy that second car.

Right, one more week without the internet at home.... hope we'll survive. Hope you'll survive the rest of this week.

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