Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Do you still believe?

We are expecting a visit from the tooth fairy any day now. It'll will be Tiger's first tooth. (he's the only kid in his class who has not yet lost a tooth).

Needless to say he is super excited about the prospect cause he knows that he will be well rewarded.

When Cat starting losing her teeth it sometimes happened that she would lose 2 at the same time.
You will not believe this but the kids saw this as a money making opportunity.

I overheard them plotting to get a pair of pliers and pull out more teeth in order to get more money.

I would be willing to lose a thooth if he came to collect it .. just saying

I think Cat knows the truth behind the tooth fairy & Santa & Saint Nicolas (I'll tell you all about St. Nicolas in early December). But she still wants to believe.

She recently asked me if I still believed in Santa. My answer: Of course I do! Santa and all the others are real as long as you believe they are.

Tiger also explained to me that the tooth fairy is real but so is the tooth mouse. He told me that the tooth fairy brings the money in exchange for the tooth and then gives the tooth to the tooth mouse (this might be from a movie?).

Do you still have visits from the tooth fairy at your house?

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