Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Random Rambling .... no other title will work?

Today's post is a bit random. But it is what it is.

First off I'm So Frustrated! and happy at the same time.... Why? Because I got my 1st comment -- Thanks Sheena The frustration is that I can't seem to reply to her comment???

Therefore, if I was able to reply to your much appreciated comment it would be:

'Yeah several, if I had to count them in my head quickly I would say we had about 8. 4 of them were great for climbing.'

I'm totally chuffed that someone out there read my blog!

Moving along...

I've been getting home late the last couple of days which means that we have been eating take-out for dinner. The kids of course love it! I'm also so far behind with the house work it's not even funny anymore. Thank goodness no-one just drops by your house for an impromptu visit here in Belgium. But this just means that it'll all have to be done on the weekend.

The cake - Tiger is very worried that I'll forget to make his birthday cake. He reminds me about 10 times a day that I have to make sure I make it.

He's asked me to make the same cake as last year .... a rocket cake. Only because he wants a black cake again. I think I'm going to make a black cake but I'll put a monster on it, just to be different. I'm sure he'll love it!

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