Monday, October 17, 2011

It must be the altenator

I met up with my friend Kay on Friday evening after work. Just to catch up, have a couple of glasses of cider and to have dinner.

This is nearly as cute as my friends mini. Only her mini has a sunroof
Since she had to work on Saturday we were very sensible and didn't stay out long.
We hopped in her little mini only for her to realize that she had forgotten her car's lights on and by now the battery had run dead.

There was nothing but a click when she turned the key.

Right, so the only thing to do was to get a taxi to her house & then pick up her husbands car & then she would drop me off at my house.


Yesterday I rang her and said I would go with her into town to go & pick up her mini. I was feeling fairly confident that I would be able to use our jumper cables & jump start her car.

We got to the mini open the back (cause that's where the battery is)... & you thought I didn't know what I was doing.

Right, so next we had to open the hood of her car.


We could not find the "!!$£$%^*  lever to open the hood of her car.

Eventually she called her husband (who is in Portugal on army manoeuvres). What are you doing? You are going to blow up both cars! etc etc etc. Clearly Jay did not have as much confidence in my skills as I did.

Well she put down the phone and he was still sending instructions via text telling us what not to do and to phone Himself to come and do it when the car was running.

Voila done & dusted! So much for needing instructions

On the way home she had to stop for gas. No problem, we drove to the garage closest to her house to give the mini's battery as much time as possible to re-charge.

She hopped back into the car and


nothing but a click

and no this time using the jumper cables did not work either.

Eventually we pushed (ok I steered & she pushed) the mini out of the way and it's still there. So much for us having fixed the problem all by ourselves.

Obviously we decided that it must be the alternator cause we did everything right & we know it all.

Did you know that this is what an altenator looks like? I didn't ... anyway you don't need to know that, that's what husbands are for :)

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