Tuesday, October 4, 2011

2 On Tuesday

This is my first time linking into a Link party... figers crossed it works!

So today is 2 on Tuesday over on My chihuahua bites and the question is what were your two favorite childhood toys.

I would have to say:

Number one goes to:
Our Avocado trees.  We had a huge garden full of avo trees and all the kids in our street used to come & play at our house. We spent hours climbing and swinging and building forts in & around these trees.

Number two would be:

My bicycle.  The scars I have on my knees are a constant reminder of the time we spent riding & falling off our bikes.  Races down the driveway and up & down the street.

I had a blue bike similar to this, without the basket.
Aah those were good times!


  1. You had advocado trees? Awesome!

  2. thanks so much for linking up! I'm so glad you found 2 On Tuesday!

    Let me know if you need help linking up your specific blog post. It just makes it easier for others to find your 2OT post if they look later in the week. :)

    Great choices! I loved my bike too.