Tuesday, October 25, 2011

22 Things I Have done:

Vinobaby's Voice decided that after making a list of all the things we haven't yet done we should maybe focus on what we've done ... we might surprise even ourselves.

Here's my list:
1. Sat on a motorbike while a herd of elephant crossed the road around me.
2. Gone zip-lining
3. 'Stage dived' off a bar counter
4. Hitch-hiked in South Africa and survived
5. Picked up hitch-hikers, gave them a place to sleep, in South Africa & survived
6. Had green hair
7. Had my appendix removed on April Fools day
8. Can & have milked cows by hand
9. Gone sandboarding in Namibia

This is a photo of my brother ... also taken in Namibia

10. Saw Halley's comet
11. Gone fire fighting on a game reserve
12. Can still fit into my primary school uniform
13. Have lived in 26 houses in 12 towns in 3 countries
14. Drank Absinthe -> NEVER doing that again
15. Drank a bottle of wine with a straw, by myself -> NEVER doing that again
16. Been asked if I was my (then 8 year old) daughter's big sister.
17. Watched Space Jam in German

I worked as an au-pair in Germany, this was the 1st movie I saw
18. Slept under a Boabab tree

This tree can be found close to where I grew-up .. I never slept under this one but under a similar one in Zimbabwe
19. Gone white water rafting
20. Climbed to the top of the Atomium (Before I ever lived in Belgium)

Built for the World Fair in 1958 in Brussels
21. Gone snorkelling with stingray's and sand sharks
22. Gone skinny dipping

Right, so why don't you link up and share your list with us, I for one is dying to know.


  1. Fabulous list -- It sounds like you have had the chance to do a ton of traveling. I don't think I would ever be brave enough to handle the elephants and hitchhikers. And I've always wondered about Absinthe...

    Thanks for the shout out and for linking up.

  2. Thanks! Love travelling but it's not so easy now that we've got the kids and jobs ... maybe one day when the kids are big.  The hitchhikers were great. My mom & I picked them up and they stayed over at our house. They were from Australia and travelling around the world.
    Absinthe ... all I can say is I have huge bank spots from that night and & made me do things I would not normaly have done :)

  3. What a list! You've had an interesting life so far!

  4. Wow! You have done some really amazing things. Fun to read and get to know you :)

  5. It's funny how different ones life looks if you look at from someone else's point of view.

  6. Um, wow. Your list is amazing. I'm dying to go to Africa. When that day finally comes, I just may hit you up for tips. It looks like you know the continent well. Thanks for heading over to my blog to leave a comment. Glad to find you!


  7. Hey Jackie - any time you want tips on Southern Africa ... not so hot on the rest of the continent. O and Belgium... we have some great things to do around here despite the country being so small.