Friday, October 21, 2011

22 Things I have never done:

I saw this really cool list on Mommypants, who got it from Mama Kat's Writing Workshop & decided to make my own list.

I have never....

1. Sky dived ---> I must admit though that I would love to

2. Gotten a tattoo --> have been tempted but have never done it

3. Travelled to the east

4. Finished a knitting project (probably cause I can't knit)

5. Attended a football game (no football in South Africa or Belgium)

6. Won the lottery

7. Gotten lost in a forest

8. Eatin Alligator

9. Gone deep sea diving

10. Attended a rock festival

11. Kissed an Eskimo

12. Hot wired a car

13. Been on a cruise ship

14. Watched Gone with the wind

15. Bought or sold anything on Ebay

16. Been snow boarding / skiing

17. Been in a YouTube video

18. Been to university

19. Met famous person

20. Seen the attraction of androgynous looking men

21. Read Pride & Prejudice

22. Told a lie .... oops I guess I just did

What about you?

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