Wednesday, October 12, 2011

You'll never guess what I found....

I have been working from home for the past 2½ days. Thanks to Belgacom (our telephone provider) & the people who had to come & service our boiler.

Don’t get me wrong I loved that fact that I didn’t have to put on anything other than a track suit and my Uggs (I had to take the kids to school and run into the bakery which is why I couldn’t go in my pj’s) but, working from home has its drawbacks.

For instance, I happen to tidy the lounge and found inside the couch the following items:

·          4 single socks (I’ve been on the verge of throwing the other 4 single socks away because I could not find their friends)
·          2 teaspoons
·          1 pairing knife
·          5 coloring pencils
·          8 dvd’s (but not in their boxes)

You would imagine that I would freak out about the knife. Well I did, a little. The socks is an ongoing battle especially when the kids come and ask me for socks all the time and all I have to give them are lots of single socks.


DVD’s not put back in their boxes is a pet peeve which drives me up the wall and down again. Honestly, I have lost track of all the times I’ve asked nicely and explained why they need to go back in their boxes and threatened to throw away all of their dvd’s and WII games for this very reason.

Let me tell you, I totally lost it! Well rather I kept it all together until the kids came home from school and then I lost it. For good measure I even included how I was sick and tired of picking up pieces of toys or books or shoes demolished by the dogs because certain children, who shall remain nameless, are too lazy to put them away.
O and then I included a host of other things that they do on a daily basis which I end up shouting about on a daily basis.

As a result Cat came to me and told me that she or they had a suggestion. That instead of me giving away all of their dvd’s and games that I should consider a TV/DVD/Wii ban for a week.
And every other time they neglected to put the dvd’s away.

Last night when they came home from school they both put their coat’s away (instead of dropping them on the floor). They both put their shoes away. They both picked up their toys … the dog’s had nothing to chew during the night.

I was so happy it’s sad!

Now if only they can keep it up and might work from home again … who knows what I’ll find then…

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  1. A ban would be a good idea.

    Sometimes I have to take away certain DVDs or games and it seems to help.