Monday, October 24, 2011

Underdressed for scouts!

I read Alyssa's post over at Near Normalcy Humiliation and volunteerism. Also Girl Scouts don't eat cookies. It ties right into my post today...

Well Cat recently joined a scouts troop. This is her first foray into the world of scouts. Needless to say I'm totally ignorant about what it all entails except for the fact that I've seen them around on Sunday's and she loves going. Her best friend invited her along which is how she found out about it.

Yesterday was the 'catch the parents up' day so we all had to turn up and find out about what the next year is going to entail.

Because I'm a good mom I turned up despite the fact that I knew that I was more than likely not not going to understand ½ of what was being said but hoping that I would be able to pick up enough and then make sure I get all their emails (Thanks to Google translate I'll be able to at least understand their emails).

What I didn't expect though were the other parents. Ok I know that Waterloo is a well-to-do area but still who on earth dresses up to go to a scout meeting on a Sunday afternoon? Here I was wearing my trusty jeans, sweater and Uggs. Nothing dirty but you know comfortable. The other mom's: designer outfits from top to bottom including the leather totes big enough to fit a small child into. And they brought their husbands... also dressed to the nines! Really!?

The other thing I noticed is that they are old! Not that I'm trying to offend anyone but if I had been wearing a scouts uniform I would have looked like one of the troop leaders. I think some of the parents their were as old as my parents! (there is a kid in Cat's class who's dad is the same age as my father-in-law). And just incase you were wondering, no I did not have cat when I was a teen.

The good thing was that I understood about 80% of what was being said and Cat's friends dad Laurence was kind enough to translate whatever I missed. I was so glad to see a friendly face!

Now I'll just have to remember to go shopping for a designer outfit before the next meeting ... and rob a bank to be able to afford it.


  1. Ha. Thanks for the link, and I'm glad I'm not the only one! :) Well, I'm sure you and I are WAY more fun than all those well-dressed and physically fit parents anyway, right? Let's just eat some cookies, kick back in our weekend jeans, and watch our daughters learn and grow or whatever it is they're supposed to do in scouts.