Monday, September 5, 2011

On this day in history

On 5 September 2002 at 14:15 weighing 2.96 kg (6.5 llb) and 49 cm long she made her much anticipated arrival.

Which means that today marks 9 years of motherhood for me!
Seriously it's crazy!
Where the hell as the time gone?

Usually we have a combined birthday party with her 'cosmic twin' however due to a very unfortunate accident while on holiday her friend's dad is in hospital and their party has been postponed until a later date. We did however take the girls for lunch yesterday.

This morning Cat & Tiger had Chocolate cake for breakfast (Thanks to my fantastic friend who baked 2 cakes for me yesterday since she knew that I did not have the time).

She loved her gift ... from us Season 3 of the Magnum PI series. (yes as mentioned before Cat LOVES Tom Selleck).

We are still trying to decide on what we should do for her birthday party. It all depends on the weather. At home or mini-golf.

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