Monday, December 10, 2012

Annual Saint Nicholas party

I think the kids started asking me when my works annual Saint Nicholas party was going to be in November already. Then on Sunday morning I’m down in the kitchen and I can hear them fighting. Great start to the morning. So I go upstairs and tell them, I don’t care what this fight is about but if you two don’t make up and become friends again we are going to give the party a skip.

I mean, how could it not work, it’s all they’ve been talking about since November.

Fine, they both say to me, then we just will not go. And off they storm in different directions.

Oops, that didn’t work out quite how I expected it to.

Well just so you know if we don’t go I’m going to get into big trouble with my boss cause I said we would go and if we don’t I’m in big trouble.

And for some reason me getting into trouble did the trick.

I think the party was even bigger this year. The great thing about the kids being bigger now is that we don’t have to traipse after them anymore, we can just sit at the table and chat (or try to, over the noise) while they are off bouncing on the bouncy castles and getting their faces painted etc.

After 2 hours we had had enough of the noise and convinced the kids that it was time to go home.

I also had a dinner date with some girl friends, so after making sure that Himself and the kids and the dogs were all sorted for dinner I left.  Got back home at 2 this morning and all we did was sit around the dinner table chatting.


  1. Well at least the kids didn't want you to get into trouble with your boss! Cute photos. It looks like a large party!

  2. they are so cute Jo. don't you hate it when things like that backfire??? haha!

  3. Don't you just love it when kids do the exact opposite of what you expect them to?! haha!! Looks like you guys had a blast! :)

  4. Can I just say... "YOU GET TO SIT WHILE THE KIDS GO AND PLAY???" sigh. Jealous.

  5. whoa - looks like a pertty awesome party!!! I'm also looking forward to my kiddos going off on their own - well, A's there, but not little J man. He's my shadow!

  6. Oh the party looks like such fun! Love the extra power us Moms have to throw around this time of year:)

  7. Haha. They didn't care about getting in trouble, but they didn't want you to with your boss. That's pretty sweet! It looks like a fun party and good treats!