Monday, December 3, 2012

Weekend roundup

Happy Monday! 

And, how was your weekend?  Ours was quiet.

The usual soccer match on Saturday. According to Himself Tiger was so cold that his knees turned blue. Poor kid has no body fat to help him keep warm.  He also got a ball in the face which meant that he spent most of the game sanding on the sideline. He went back on for the last 10 minutes and managed to score 2 goals. The only two his team managed to score in the game.  Without sounding too full of it, I think my kid has some skills!

Meanwhile, Cat & I were home, in bed, watching Christmas movies. A far better place to be.

When we left swimming on Saturday night it had started snowing. Since then it’s been snowing on and off interspersed with rain. Not much of the snow is sticking because of the rain but it is a very slippery mess outside. The weather people are predicting up to 10 cm of snow for us by the weekend which is a lot for Belgium.

On Sunday afternoon Tiger went on his first ‘date’. He had been invited by a girl in his class for a play date.  He was so sweet. We bought her some flowers and he took her a couple of shiny stones. (I don’t get the stones either but he told me that she had told him that she likes shiny stones).

He had a great time. When I picked him up her mom told him that he is welcome to come back any time. We were hardly in the car when he asked me when he could go again, could he go on Wednesday?  O and he told me that she has a boyfriend who lives somewhere else. But that he saw lots of photos of him and he looks like a dork to him. He can’t understand what she likes about this boy.

So that is our weekend in a nutshell. Hope you had a good one.  

Have a marvelous Monday!


  1. great weekend have a wonderful week ahead

  2. Your boy is so sweet, kids, nowadays, are so smart and act like grown ups. It's cute and a bit scary at the same time because you don't know what to expect from them in the future.

  3. Sounds like Tiger and Audrey would get along marvelously - she's obsessed with gems and stones and the like - that would definitely be the way to her heart ;)

    Sounds like a lovely weekend - yay for Xmas movies and snuggling in bed.

  4. sounds so cute! i think its adorable he had a date and is already excited to see her again!

    and by the way, you are allowed to be full of yourself.. getting hit in the face and then going back in to score TWO goals?! Heck yeah! that is skills all the way!

  5. I miss snow so much. :( San Diego is fabulous, but I do love 4 seasons!

  6. Sounds like a very cold soccer game! I would have stayed home snuggled under some warm blankets especially since you guys are starting to get snow. Brr!
    Your son is so sweet! What an awesome first date ;D

  7. oh my, that is priceless!! I love his comments to you about the other boy. so funny. it sounds like you and Cat had the right idea being in bed watching movies with the snow and all. No place I'd rather be in weather like that than home.

  8. You had a busy weekend! it's early in the season for that much snow, isn't it?!?!? Oh, and the little girl sounds cute....what girl doesnt' like Shiny Stones? I like the ones called diamonds! ;P

    I'm happy Tiger enjoyed his play date. I appreciate his confidence....I bet he'll win the girl's heart in the end!