Thursday, December 20, 2012

First things first

I liked reading her list so much I’m stealing this from Heather (Blond … undercover Blond)

First thing you do when you wake up in the morning: 
Think: ugh really can I not just sleep a little longer. Get up, let the dogs out, come back in, use the bathroom, go and wake up the kids. Then the chaos begins.

First thing you reach for when you open the fridge: 
9 times out of 10 Coke Light

First things you do when you get to the gym: 
I wish I had the time to go the gym / or found a gym close to my house that is open either super early or really late at night

First thing you do when you get home from work:
Let the dogs out. Find out who is at home, start cooking dinner
First car: 
1975 Datsun (Nissan) 1400 which I wrote off in a car accident
but the first car I ever bought (with the money paid out to me following this accident) was a 1978 Toyota Corolla … it was this terrible beige/brown color!

First accident/traffic violation: 
I was ‘rear-ended’ by someone on the high way (on the way to church). The guy clipped me on my right hand back corner (we drive on the left hand side of the road in South Africa), flipped me and we rolled about 3 times. We landed back on the wheels but the car was a wreck. My brother and I could get out but my brother-in-law was stuck and had to be cut out of the car. He also banged the back of his head on the tarmac every time we rolled so he needed some staples to close that up. My brother who was sitting between the two of us had a tiny scratch on his forehead.  I hurt my back. Since that model didn’t have any seatbelts I guess we were very lucky to get off so lightly. 

First thing you wanted to be when you grew up: 
A teacher …. for years this is all I wanted to be. Since I have several family members who are I’m so glad that I never did.

First choice beverage: 
Coke light, coffee, rooibos tea, Strongbow cider à it depends
First choice breakfast: 
Pancakes with turkey bacon (if I don’t have to make it) but most mornings I have a croissant and coffee (at work).

First choice dessert: 

First song that comes to mind: 
Jingle Bells …. listening to it at the moment

First major purchase: 
My car, with some of the money I got following my accident.  I also bought a fridge, a bed and a dinning room table/chairs at the same time.  I don’t have any of it since we sold everything the first time we moved to Belgium. But my cousin still has the bed frame.

First job: [aside from babysitting]
I worked as an au pair in Germany for six months … it was a bit of a disaster. The baby girl started calling me mama while the little boy didn’t like me at all! So after six months I decided to go back home.

First time you flew on a plane: 
1997, when I flew to Germany.  I didn’t know if I could get up and go to the toilet and since I was stuck between these two large German ladies I didn’t move for the entire flight.

What are your firsts?


  1. Wow Jo, that sounds like one scary accident you had!!! you guys were lucky. do you like coke zero better than diet? I haven't had much of it.

  2. I remember Strongbow!!! Delicious. :)

  3. I'm going to have to remember to do this in the New Year! As I was reading your answers, I was thinking up my own! lol

  4. Love this! Might have to do it, too.

  5. so interesting, Jo... I don't think I could ever have been an au pair... your experience sounds like how mine would go!! My car was my first major purchase, too.

  6. That sounds like a pretty terrible first accident! I'm glad you guys were okay. :o( But really, who makes a car without seat belts?

    I hope you and your family have a very happy Christmas!!!

  7. Eek, that accident sounds scary, I'm glad you were okay!

  8. great Q & A!!! I finally answered my questions and mentioned your blog on My Happy List today! ;P

    Happy New Year!!!