Wednesday, November 28, 2012


It’s Wednesday! ½ to the weekend baby!

I just realized that I now have 50 followers! When did that happen? Are you guys crazy? Nawh, thanks so much to all 50 of you (even if you just pop by once in a while).

I found a new tv series that I like.  Have you seen it? It’s called The Wedding Band.
I stayed up till way past my bedtime last night to watch the first 3 episodes. Funny stuff!

Speaking about funny, my friend Kim posted this to my FB page:

It’s true, my kids have a twisted sense of humour, I blame Kim.

I’m pretty sure I would be super skinny of this was true:


  1. Congrats lady!!! Right there with you with the second one. spend way too much time connected to the internet!

  2. I admit, I couldn't be more proud when my kids do something nutty that is SO "ME!"

  3. Congrats on 50 Followers! :) Way to go!!

  4. woohoo 50 followers so exciting. FUNNY ECard!!! You are setting the example for them!! :-D

  5. Yay for 50 followers!!

    I've seen previews for The Wedding Band. It looks good.

  6. yay for the followers!!
    Oh and if I could figure out how to hook up this laptop to my treadmill I would be skinny!

  7. I'm watching Wedding Band too! I kinda, sorta love Brian Austin Green, which is why I tuned in, but I found myself liking it! Congrats on 50 followers!

  8. i'm with you my son has my sense of humor some days i'm sure is I should be proud or scared. If I had to pedal to keep the power to me computer going i'd never be on the computer i'm to lazy