Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tuesday 10 -- If I were a milionaire

I’m linking up with Lena B and Tricia over on Today with the Tennerys and I bet that there is not one of us who has not made this list before.

So here is mine … the first 10 things I would buy /do if I won the lottery:

Paying off our debt is not on the list, it’s a given and not fun but it will be done first and then the fun will start:

1. quit my job! 

2. throw an off-the-hook party!

3. buy land to build that dream house on just outside of Waterloo so we don’t have to move the kids from their current school

4. buy aholiday home in the south of France that Himself can restore
This house is currently for sale for 300 000 euro

5. buy cars for us both and a new bike or two for Himself

6. go on holiday! seriously we would go and see the family & friends down under in Oz and in South Africa plus we want to go on a cross country tour of America … I guess we will have to break this up into several trips

7. I’ll hire a personal trainer to whip my butt into shape

8. help out that parents and siblings with a little financial gift
credit: Google images

9. employ full time staff to run the day to day of my new fabulous house/grounds

10. lipo suction for my knees (sadly I have fat knees)

Now go and make your list and link up!


  1. wouldn't it be amazing to win the lotto?

    that house looks pretty sweet :)

  2. ahhh to dream!! I am laughing at 10. somehow I don't believe that.

  3. SHUT UP! I just died at #10! But as millionaires I say go get em girl! I'm all about traveling the world too! New follower from Lena's!

    Kristine from The Foley Fam {unedited} Blog

  4. Haha! Love your list! You definitely had a lot of fun with this one (:
    P.S. I nominated you for an award

  5. Knee liposuction?!? I didn't even know such a thing existed! :o)

    I really do love your list! A home in the south of france would be wonderful! But I'd want someone else to restore it for me other than Cory. Otherwise we'd just own a condemned home in the south of france. ;o)

  6. cool list I would definitely pay off house and car then travel for sure

  7. absolutely would pay off my debt.. first thing is first... as painful as that may be, it'd be a load off for the rest of my life!!

    Then I'd splurge and shop til I dropped!! ;)

  8. Good list. I hadn't thought about having staff to take care of day to day things. That'd be nice.

  9. Great list. I'd be right there with you on all of them!